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April 16, 2021

Free access to 1C:EDT

We decided not to restrict access to 1C:EDT. In this regard, there have been a number of changes in access and in the license agreement.

1C: EDT is available for download after free registration on the 1c-dn.com portal. To download 1C: EDT go to My 1C: DN> Products;

1C:Enterprise 8.3.19 support

Implemented support for version 8.3.19 of the 1C:Enterprise 8 platform. You can use it to run and debug configurations. You can also use the new functionality of this version when developing application solutions.

Uniform designation of public versions 1C:EDT

Starting from version 2021.1.RC1, in information materials, in the names of distributions and in the About dialog, we will use the same designation for public versions of 1C:EDT - without the build number, for example:

• 2021.1.RC1 - the first release candidate;

• 2021.1.RC2 - second release candidate;

• ...

• 2021.1.0 - release;

• 2021.1.1 - the first corrective version;

• 2021.1.2 - the second corrective version;

• ...

Merge after comparing against Git source

Now, after comparing the project with the Git source (for example, Compare> Branch, Label, or Link ...), you can do the merge as well. In the compare dialog, now available comparison settings and loading of union settings from an external file. And in the editor for comparison and merging of configurations, after such a comparison, the Merge button is available.

Previously, merging was not available after comparing a project against a Git source.

Importing Combine Settings

When comparing and merging configurations in 1C: EDT, it is possible to import merge settings from a file. However, earlier such import was possible only when calling the Compare / Merge command in the Navigator pane.

Now we have implemented this feature for other scenarios:

• Comparison of two / three objects in the Navigator panel;

• Comparison of two / three collections of objects in the Navigator panel;

• Merging branches / commits;

• Cherry-Pick.

External Compare / Merge Programs

In the settings of external programs for comparison and merging, we renamed the Set the mode "Combine using external program" by default to Automatically combine using selected programs. This name better reflects the fact that the external program will be used for all nodes automatically.

In addition, we have added a new field that will allow you to automatically combine with the help of an external program not all nodes, but only twice changed.

Renaming when refactoring

We have changed the default behavior of 1C: EDT when refactoring. In cases where there is no 100% certainty about renaming the identifier found in the module, the change flag will be cleared. Previously, it was always set for all IDs.

Displaying the current method in the embedded language editor

When you edit a module, the current method is highlighted in the Schematic panel. However, this is not always convenient: the panel can be hidden, a module can contain a large number of methods.

Therefore, we additionally now show the current method in the status bar at the bottom of the screen.

A double click on this label leads to the transition to the definition of the method and to the selection of its name.

Updating and Formatting Documentation Comments

In the embedded language editor, we have improved the Source>> Generate Method Comments command. First, the comment that this command generates has become more informative and meaningful.

Second, this command can now update missing data in the doc comment.

And thirdly, if the comment is not written according to the rules, it will supplement it and format it in a standard way.

Team composition dialog in the form editor

We added buttons for selecting all commands and deselecting all to the dialog for editing the composition of form commands.

English characters in the query constructor

Now, when entering parameters of virtual tables in the query designer, you can enter English characters without switching to the English layout using the Alt key.

For example, to enter the & character, you can press Alt + 7. Previously, this feature was not available in this editor.

Platform version in the infobase

When creating an infobase, you can specify a three- or four-digit version of the "1C: Enterprise 8" platform, which should create this base.

Previously, this version was not remembered in the infobase properties (the value was always set to 8.3). This caused two inconveniences:

• It is difficult to find out which version of the platform created the information base;

• If the base is not connected to the project, then when the configurator was launched from 1C:EDT, the oldest version of the 1C: Enterprise 8 platform installed on the computer was used.

Now we remember this version and save it in the infobase properties:

This gives you two benefits:

• You can find out which version of the platform created the infobase;

• This platform version will be used to launch the configurator.

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1C:Enterprise solutions were successfully implemented for Wellbore Integrity Solutions (WIS) in Russia and Kazakhstan

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April 21, 2021

The first stage of the international 1C Skills Camp has ended on April 11.

The first stage of the international 1C Skills Camp has ended on April 11.

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