The International 1С Skills Camp 2021 has started

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April 05, 2021

Today there was a grand event - a new international 1C Skills Camp was launched.
To view the opening ceremony, follow the link: 

The contest is attended by more than 1,800 participants from around the world.

1C Skills Camp is an online series of lessons, team-building exercises, and skills competitions where participants can gain hands-on experience and explore the 1C:Enterprise platform for rapid business applications development. Participants of the 1C Skills Camp will:

The training will take place in the competition format to select the best participants after each stage. The total duration of the event is more than six months:

    • The first stage includes a 1C Junior Developer Course with practical tasks and tests.
    • The second stage includes mobile development, engineer, and senior course.
    • After the second stage, the best participants will be selected who will be able to take part in the friendly competitions WorldSkills Asia and University Skills Russia.
    • In the third phase, the best competitors will develop applications for existing organizations in Asia, Africa, and Latin America.
More than twenty experienced mentors and experts from 1C Company and 1C partners from Vietnam, Philippines, Mongolia, Morocco, and Columbia will help in training and development.

1C Skills Camp is a competition with a purpose. The central theme – CommApps | The Community Apps Development Competition – can build an application that will help a beneficiary or their organizer in their daily work or activities. And while being of service to the community, the event also aims to introduce 1C:Enterprise Business Application Development Platform, where the app will be created exclusively.

We wish good luck to all participants of the event.

Read more about the event:

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March 30, 2021

The second 1C Skills Camp will start on April 5.

The second 1C Skills Camp will start on April 5.
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April 6, 2021

1C:Enterprise Development Tools 2021.1 is available

1C:Enterprise Development Tools 2021.1 is available
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