1C:Enterprise Development Tools 2023.1 is available

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August 11, 2023
New in 1C:EDT 2023.1

  • Reduced memory consumption when comparing and merging configurations and during work in the Configuration Errors panel;
  • Added settings for direction and sorting order of configuration objects in the project;
  • Added setting to display problems with quick fixes only in the Configuration Errors panel;
  • Commands for working with configuration checks are added in the menu of the Configuration Errors panel;
  • Implemented a new command line interface. It has more functionality, supports variables, data types, pipelines, service and procedural commands, and ability to add custom commands with 1C:EDT plugins;
  • Implemented support for Internet Information Services (IIS) web servers versions 8.5 and 10.0;
  • Added a hub verification for query texts checks. Now the 1C:Code style V8 plugin can check requests independently and does not require the installation of the 1C:Language Tool plugin for this;
  • The calculation of categories of string literals, the display of categories in the built-in language editor, contextual annotations to clarify the category are implemented. Categories of string literals are used in the 1C:Language Tool plugin to indicate the context to be taken into account when translating.
  • "1C:V8 Standards" pluginImplemented new checks of metadata, forms, modules and queries;
  • Added a console project sorting command.

 You can download the new version by following the link 1C:Enterprise development tools 2023.1

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The Release of Configuration 1C:Trade Management is available to request.

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