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August 15, 2023

1C Company announces the release of a delocalized 1C:TM standard configuration that can be used to create localized or industry-specific products for automating processes in trade enterprises.

The 1C:TM configuration is not available to purchase for end users and is not a ready-to-use solution. It is available only to 1C partners willing to create localized or industry-specific solutions based on this configuration and provide support for these products to their end users. 1C:TM WE is based on the standard configuration ERP WE ( ), which has been successfully localized and deployed at manufacturing enterprises worldwide (deployment examples: ).

Global 1C partners who use 1C:ERP WE to automate trade enterprises have to deal with the product’s excess functionality. To respond to this matter, we have removed from 1C:ERP WE the functionality related to production and finance (similarly to configuration Trade Management, version 11) to make it light and feature-rich software to be utilized in trading business automation projects worldwide.

Subsystems Excluded from 1C:ERP WE:

    • Production Management (assembly/disassembly for warehouses retained). 
    • Budgeting Management. 
    • Financial Accounting.

Delocalization Scope. Removed Components (as compared to 1C:Trade Management for Russia):

    • Libraries specific to the Russian Federation and not in demand outside the Russian Federation. These libraries cover integration with the state information systems, electronic interaction, and user online support.
    • Obsolete (present for compatibility) functionality options from the previous editions (batch accounting 2.1, offline mutual settlements).
    • Function blocks Income Tax Accounting, Simplified Tax System, Sales Charge, Controlled Transactions, and Exchanges (except for the unified ED format that can be used in English-based code in configurations).
    • Print forms and drivers of peripheral equipment relevant only to the Russian Federation.
    • Functional subsystems Address Classifier, Bank Classifier, Electronic Signature, Personal Data Protection, Monitoring Center, RF Federal Holidays Calendar.

New International Features in 1C:TM:

    • Value added tax: configurable VAT rates, calculation of VAT amounts, and registration on purchasing transactions.
    • Multiple exchange rates linked to several base currencies. Import of exchange rates provided by different central banks.
    • Interface with the European Central Bank website that allows you to perform regular import of exchange rates, manually or automatically. Upload of exchange rates from external spreadsheets.
    • Support of IBAN format for bank accounts. As part of the mechanism for data exchanges with banks, we developed a mechanism for uploading and downloading registries of payment orders and bank statements in ISO20022 and MT940 international standards. 1C partners can modify the configuration code in the 1C:TM localization module to use the configuration with non-standard data exchange formats some banks require.
    • Objects that allow presenting data in several languages are part of an individual subsystem National Language Support. With this, users can view data in several languages and have specific languages assigned to a particular user.
    • Added support for the Russian language-based EnterpriseData exchange format that enables integration with localized 1C:Enterprise platform solutions, including 1С:Accounting, 1С:Salary & HR Management, and other configurations. Exchanges also can run in configurations based on the English code.
    • Subsystem Text Translation provides an API for the automatic translation of any text from one language to another with the assistance of external online translation services.

1C Company intends to add more international features for the 1C:TM with the account of feedback from actual implementations in new countries and industries.

Composition of the Product:

1C:TM includes two .cf-files with the configuration: English and Russian codes. Both come with client user interfaces in English, Vietnamese, and Russian (the list of languages can be expanded). The release of 1C:TM is in sync with the release of 1C:ERP WE. The version numbering differs only in the first number. For example, version 1C:TM is similar to version 1C:ERP WE

Demobase and user documentation are not part of the 1C:TM distribution package.

Terms of Service and Support

1C:TM configuration is available to 1C partners who agree to

    • Release a localized version of 1C:TM that meets applicable country-specific regulations and business practices.
    • Release trading business solutions built in compliance with applicable industry-specific regulations and business practices.
    • Not to deploy 1C:TM configuration to end users as is.

1C Company will provide partners with a free copy of 1C:TM for up to 3 months to learn about the product functionality. All requests should be sent to The partner helpline is available at

We expect that after reviewing the 1C:TM, partners will contact us at with proposals regarding delocalization and suggestions for improving international functionality. Also, we hope that partners will want to develop a final product based on 1C:TM. 1C Company is willing to negotiate individual conditions for using 1C:TM with partners intending to develop 1C:TM-based products.

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