1C:Enterprise platform version 8.3.11 is available

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December 06, 2017

1C:Enterprise platform version 8.3.11 is available, with many new features and improvements, including the following highlights:

  • Multiple web client sessions for a single application
  • Selecting blocks of non-adjacent table rows
  • Automatic addition of measurement units when displaying numbers
  • Local collaboration server (beta)
  • Data transfer from the server to client applications via a collaboration server
  • History of user data changes
  • Improved configuration extension capabilities
  • Support of planner and formatted document objects in mobile applications
  • Form preview for mobile devices
  • Merging object contents and types
  • New database restructuring algorithm (beta)
  • Bitwise operations on integer numbers
  • Many optimizations and performance improvements

For more information about the new features, see New features in version 8.3.11.

Download 1C:Enterprise platform version 8.3.11:

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