1C:Enterprise platform version 8.3.12 is available

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April 24, 2018

1C:Enterprise platform version 8.3.12 is available, with many new features and improvements, including the following highlights:

  • Pop-up groups in application forms
  • Saving multiple spreadsheet documents to a single file
  • Full-fledged editing of spreadsheet documents in the web client
  • Specifying the first page number of spreadsheet documents
  • Detailed customization of chart axes and their labels
  • Displaying negative values in stacked charts
  • Automatic calculation of chart area sizes
  • Chart reference lines and reference bands
  • Representation of skipped values in charts
  • Support of configuration extensions, charts of characteristic types, and charts of accounts in data history
  • Collaboration system improvements
  • New client application: mobile client
  • Creating register records by using and in configuration extensions
  • Deactivating configuration extensions
  • Collaborative extension development
  • Replicating extensions in a distributed infobase
  • Enumeration support in configuration extensions
  • Applying extensions to all infobase areas
  • Extension development support in Enterprise Development Tools
  • Selecting client application bitness at startup
  • Form preview improvements
  • Enhanced support of working with IMAP mailboxes
  • New data restructuring algorithm
  • Building full-text search index
  • Optimized conversion of binary data to strings
  • Client application performance optimizations
  • Faster update of configuration extensions

For more information about the new features, see New features in version 8.3.12.

Download 1C:Enterprise platform version 8.3.12:

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