1C:Standard Subsystems Library: Final Release Now Available

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May 20, 2024

1C is pleased to announce the release of the final version of its developer toolkit, the 1C:Standard Subsystems Library (1C:SSL), for international users and partners.

1C:SSL provides a comprehensive set of pre-built functional subsystems and technology for developing applications on the 1C:Enterprise platform. It empowers developers to quickly create new configurations with ready-to-use functionalities or seamlessly integrate these blocks into existing configurations. Using 1C:SSL promotes standardization, leading to faster implementation and reduced learning curves by leveraging a unified set of standard subsystems.

Based on the renowned 1C:Standard Subsystems Library (SSL) for the Russian market, 1C:SSL is specifically tailored to meet the needs of international users:

    • Localized Subsystems: Several key subsystems have been localized for international use, including Banks, Currencies, Working Hours, Contact Information, SMS Sending, Printing, Object Representation Declension, and Electronic Signature. 
    • Removed Russia-Specific Subsystems: Subsystems specific to Russia, such as Address Classifier, Organizations, and Digital Signature Service (DSS), have been removed. 
    • Multilingual Support: The Multilingualism subsystem enables data input and viewing in multiple languages, including language-specific user settings. 
    • Multilingual Printing: The Printing subsystem allows for printing forms in multiple languages supported within the application. 
    • Text Translation: The Text Translation subsystem facilitates automatic translation of print forms and text using external online translation services.

1C:SSL functionality is developed in sync with the Russian version of 1C:SSL. The code and objects within 1C:SSL are provided in English. Currently, users can configure their 1C:Enterprise interface to English, with plans to expand supported languages in the future. 1C:ERP World Edition (https://1c-dn.com/solutions/1c-erp-world-edition/), a localized English-language version of 1C:ERP, is the first product built using 1C:SSL.

Distribution and Usage

The library's source code is distributed under the Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0) license. This allows for use, distribution, adaptation, correction, and development of the library for any purpose, including commercial use, with the sole requirement of acknowledging the library's authorship in the product.

This version of 1C:SSL (3.1.10) is compatible with the 1C:Enterprise 8.3 platform version 8.3.21 and later.

Registered users of the 1C:Enterprise system with an active 1C:ITS agreement can obtain 1C:SSL distributions and necessary platform versions from releases.1c.ru. International users can find downloads in the "Updates" section at https://1c-dn.com/user/updates/1c_subsystems_library/.

Documentation is included in the distribution package in English.


For information about the 1C:Standard Subsystems Library, visit https://1c-dn.com/developer_tools/1c_subsystems_library/. 1C:SSL development will incorporate feedback from international users. Users and partners utilizing the library are encouraged to submit suggestions to platform@1c.com, including company name and contact information for prompt responses and clarification of requests.

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