1C:Translator 2.1.9 update with new project type, export macros, and comments is released

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July 18, 2016

1C Company publishes an update for 1C:Translator 2.1.9. This software is designed to streamline translation work and ensure consistent terminology, especially in large translation projects.

Version 2.1.9 includes a new document writing project type, export options and macros, comments to specific text lines, and other new features.

New features

  • Export options are added to project settings. You can use texts stored in 1C:Translator as sources for multiple document types. You can enclose text fragments in macro tags, such as {pdf}...{/pdf}, to output them to a specific document type only.
  • In the visual editor you can add comments, as well as show or hide them. Project managers and team leaders can add comments. The comments are designed to notify translators about mistakes found by proofreaders. This feature is useful for teaching new translators.
  • The Dictionary merging data processor is added. It combines dictionaries based on a variety of built-in algorithms, prompting you to approve the suggestions and change them when needed.
  • Proofreading statistics (the total number of errors and comments) are added to the Translation acceptance document.
  • The Documentation writing project type is added. It is intended for writing documents from scratch. In projects of that type the source text fields are hidden because you do not need them.

Minor enhancements and bugfixes

  • The publishing web service for Bitrix is updated: publishing date and Unicode support are added.
  • The link and anchor index now includes the file names of stored texts. This allows you to validate cross-links and check the availability of embedded pictures.
  • The Title and File name fields of stored texts are now included in the Dictionary usages index.
  • The text indexing performance is improved.
  • Other bugfixes.


  • 1C:Enterprise platform version or later is required for running the application.

If you like or dislike new or existing features, please let us know on the support forum.

Read more details and download installation packages and documentation at 1C:Translator page.

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