1C:Translator 2.1 with enhanced support for large translation projects is released

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February 02, 2016

1C Company publishes a new edition of 1C:Translator 2.1. This software is designed to streamline translation work and ensure consistent terminology, especially for large translation projects.

The changes and enhancements since edition 2.0 are listed below.

New features

New formats supported:

  • Microsoft Word (.docx) with keeping cross references and major styles.
  • Java localization (.properties).

Collaboration tools enhancements. The following features are added:

  • Project milestones.
  • Project teams.
  • Project manager that can configure projects and Team leader that can manage work of his subordinates roles.
  • Texts with expired deadlines are highlighted.
  • Translation task, Translation acceptance and Translation delegation documents, which record the scope of assigned and completed tasks.
  • Filters in the list of texts: the default user view includes texts assigned to them, while the manager view includes the texts of all users who report to the manager, with the option to apply a filter by user.
  • The Translation planning report, which shows costs, completed percentage, and calculated end dates for project milestones.
  • The Work progress report, which shows volumes of assigned and accepted texts for a specific period to calculate employee and subcontractor payments.
  • The Working time monitoring report, which shows total translation time. It is used to calculate employee productivity.
  • Employees have access to Work progress and Working time monitoring reports to be able to estimate their productivity themselves.

Text parsing and dictionary enhancements:

  • During text indexing all sentences and identifiers are added to the primary dictionary. The number of occurrence in texts is calculated for each dictionary entry.
  • When a text is parsed into sentences, common abbreviations with periods, such as "etc.", are no longer treated as end of sentence. You can specify the list of common abbreviations in the language properties.
  • The configuration interface texts can be translated using the Dictionaries catalog. The Import interface texts (MXL) and Export all as interface texts (XML) commands are added to the group form of the Dictionaries catalog.
  • The Add sentences to the dictionary option is added to projects. If this option is selected, the translation memory is automatically filled with all sentences that are found.
  • For a dictionary entry you can specify conditions that describe when this translation is used. The conditions are regular expressions that describe text fragments before and after that dictionary entry.
  • A spelling check command named Check is added to dictionary entries.
  • Texts have the new Publication file name field, which is useful when you need to set a webpage name according to SEO requirements.
  • Translation memory training is redesigned to simplify the mapping of original text strings to translation strings.
  • Text indexing is performed in a scheduled job. The queue of objects to be indexed is available in the application settings.

Interface and performance enhancements:

  • In the Text item form added commands to insert cross-references to other texts, hyperlinks, tables and apply styles to selected texts.
  • Links and anchors in HTML texts are indexed now.
  • Selecting a project for the entire session is no longer required. The project is found automatically for each individual item.
  • Changing the translation for a dictionary entry that is not used in text translations is performed directly, without opening Check terminology.
  • When you click a link to a text found using the Check terminology feature, if the text window is currently open, its search and replacement fields are filled automatically.
  • Scrolling positions are saved for each text.
  • If a dictionary list is opened from a text edit form, you can sort dictionary entries by occurrence order.
  • Check terminology searches in all projects that use the dictionary where a changed dictionary entry belongs.
  • A project manager has the option to perform a replacement in all found texts without opening each one. This option is handy if the search results clearly show that all occurrences must be replaced.
  • The search in Check terminology feature and search fields of text edit forms can handle splits with //, |,   or HTML tags as if there are no splits.
  • The new Taxi interface and 1C:Enterprise 8.3 are supported.
  • Text and dictionary usability improved, new auxiliary commands added.

Minor enhancements and bugfixes

  • Text indexation, import and translation performance enhancements.
  • Many bugfixes related to dictionary entry translation.
  • Many bugfixes related to text parsing and searching.
  • Over 270 other enhancements and bugfixes.


  • The Deleted text state added, which you can set during text import for project texts that are not in the import file list.
  • If a user does not have enough rights for changing a dictionary entry, a Dictionary change review task is created and submitted to a manager.
  • Long actions are moved to background jobs, and modal dialogs are replaced with asynchronous ones, which provides support for modern web browsers.
  • SL and 1C:Enterprise 8.3.7 dictionaries are updated.
  • Check terminology now finds synonyms when an identifier is searched.
  • Employees now do not see Ready an On validation texts in Texts list if Only my filter is enabled.
  • User groups are added, they replace the External users feature.
  • Project manager, Team leader, Employee , and Freelancer roles are self-sufficient, users having these roles can perform their regular activities without requesting additional rights.
  • 1C:Enterprise platform version or later is required for running the application.

You can find more details and download a new version on 1C:Translator page.

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