New 1C:Small Business 1.5.3 is available now!

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February 19, 2016

1C Company released a new version of 1C:Small Business. It was a lot of hard work to be done and we are proud to introduce you lots of brand new features and a new level of quality.

1C:Small Business is a powerful business app recommended to use by 1C partners as a base to develop own robust applications for local entrepreneurs and small business owners to help their businesses grow and run more smoothly.

This release contains the following key enhancements:

New "Taxi" interface

  • New design and menu structure
  • List of favorites
  • Full-text search
  • Web client support in new browsers

Improved and enhanced user interface

  • Enhanced manager dashboard
  • Enhanced email operations
  • New user desktop calendar
  • Extended options for selection of products and services
  • Enhanced categorization for counterparties, now with tags and segments
  • Enhanced cashier dashboard with visual display of sales and returns
  • New option to prohibit changing the past periods

New business features

  • Affinity card dashboard, with discounts provided by the cards reflected in documents and reports
  • Calculation and analysis of automatic discounts in documents
  • Journal of alcoholic beverage retail sale records
  • Payroll accrual kind: sales commission

New report features

  • Library of additional reports
  • Improved report design and settings
  • Additional report on shortages and shortfalls
  • Additional accounting analysis wizard
  • New features of the Analysis section reports: sales, funds, settlements, warehouse, manufacturing, and financial results

New print features

  • Printing document batches
  • Auto filling of fields in the contract print wizard
  • Auto filling of printed counterparty contracts


  • Search and correction of duplicate records
  • Extended user rights settings
  • Enhanced data exchange with websites
  • More objects now support versioning
  • Text messaging
  • New address book
  • Bulk sending of email and text messages
  • Importing data from external sources

1C:Small Business 1.5

1C:Small Business 1.5

1C:Small Business 1.5

1C:Small Business 1.5

1C:Small Business 1.5

Legal notice

1C LLC is the owner of 1C:Small Business, it is a free business application, is distributed "as is", and can be used as a basis for development of your own applications on 1C:Enterprise 8 platform. This program is distributed WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY and 1C Company provides support for this application at 1C:Developer Network forum. In order to use 1C:Small Business or applications that are based of it, it is required to own or acquire valid licenses of 1C:Enterprise platform. To study 1C:Small Business, you can run it on 1C:Enterprise (training version), keeping in mind the limitations of the training version.

You can download 1C:Small Business 1.5.3 in the Products section of 1C:Developer Network.

Please do not hesitate to provide us with feedback or support requests on 1C:Small Business support forum (try it, it's free!)

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