The 1C Skills Camp Hackathon Hanoi 2023 Finals Completed

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December 14, 2023

On December 11, the 1C Skills Hackathon Hanoi 2023 officially ended the 1C Skills Camp.


The 1C Skills Camp Hackathon Hanoi 2023 is an international contest on low-code development on the 1C:Enterprise platform inspired by the motto LEARN. DEVELOP. IMPROVE THE WORLD. It was the first time the contest was held by 1C and its partners in Vietnam.

Anton Shvyikovsky, chief consultant for the 1C Skills Camp Hackathon Hanoi 2023 and the developer of the 1C:Enterprise training courses, said that it was the first when the final contest was held in the offline format as all the previous 1C Skills Camp hackathons were online events.

“The contestants arrived from various parts of Asia to meet in Hanoi. They have come a long way to earn the right to be here. These finalists are the best among many others, and I am very proud to see their dedication and enthusiasm,” said Mr. Anton Shvykovsky.


1C Skills Camp Hackathon Hanoi 2023 has become a place for sharing knowledge and experience in technology solutions for business software.

Since June 2023, the camp has attracted thousands of participants from different countries, and after many qualifying rounds and tests, the 14 finalists gathered in Hanoi to participate in the Grand Final Hackathon.

Dr. Nguyen Thanh Hieu, Associate Professor and Vice-Rector of National Economics University, who supervised the contest, noted that young people who came to the 1C Skills Camp Hackathon Hanoi 2023 were passionate about IT and eager to share their experience, learn through practice, and explore the potential of the technology, as well as to study new technologies and techniques for business apps development and advance their skills for their future career in IT.

The contestants were given the following task: Car Parts World is engaged in wholesale car parts and has a warehouse for storing goods. The company has already automated buying and selling goods using the standard 1C:Company Management product. The goods are managed through the warehouse inventory control subsystem. At that, the company utilizes a point-of-use storage policy.

Using the 1C:Enterprise low-code platform, you need to build an application with the optimized standard mechanism for recording the receipt of goods at the warehouse and placing goods into the warehouse storage locations, plus an efficient mechanism for handling customer orders to enable the quick and proper collection and sending of specified items to the right customers.

After 48 hours, the winners were finally revealed. 

HL_3_mng_pr.jpgIn the individual category, the winner was Anna Dementieva, Mongolia, who won a prize of 1,000 US dollars.
Sharing her thoughts after the competition, Anna Dementieva said she had received much helpful knowledge and many great ideas.

The winner in the team category was the TBS team from Vietnam in person of Tạ Quang Tiến, Nguyễn Thành Bình, and Nguyễn Thanh Sơn. The winning team got the prize of 5,000 US dollars.

HL_4_soc.pngThe contestants presented their projects directly to the jury and the public.

The TBS team managed to complete the task by integrating an ERP into their system and adding data processing mechanisms in the inventory handling process.

Additionally, the team developed a mobile application for warehouse employees. The application had four features: picking goods, transferring records, exporting goods data, and calculating routes in the warehouse.

The solution meets the requirements for simple warehouse operations, barcode scanning, and following the shortest paths to goods storage locations.

HL_5_apps.pngThe image shows the solution developed by the TBS team, Vietnam, who won the contest.

A TBS team member said, “It feels great! Thanks to the organizing committee for a very professional contest that I believe has a bright future. We worked very hard, pulled ourselves together, and tried to reach our peak level as we reached the finish line. We are very proud to be the winners.”

In addition to the main competition, the committee organized a mini hackathon for students with the task to deploy a small 1C application for any business.

HL_7_publ_participants.pngHà Hữu Lương, a 4th-year student at the Banking Academy, won the first prize thanks to his solution with good interface design, the form right on the homepage, and excellent presentation. The second prize went to Nguyễn Thị Nguyệt Hà, also a student at the Banking Academy.

1C Skills Camp Hackathon Hanoi 2023 has indeed become a place for sharing knowledge and experience in technology solutions for business software. In particular, students enjoyed the opportunity to gain access to global technologies, study some new things, take part in the testing process, demonstrate their ability to work with the 1C:Enterprise low-code platform, and create real-world applications.

1C Skills Camp community hosts a series of annual international events with global opportunities, certifications, and prospects to secure jobs or internships at the world’s top technology companies. To find out more about future events, visit

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