Digitel LLC, Serbia.


In 2023, Digitel, a Serbian company and a manufacturer of sockets, implemented 1C:ERP Serbia Edition (built on 1C:ERP World Edition) to manage their business processes.

The company was founded in 1996 and has been actively growing since 2012. It entered new markets, expanded its product line, and increased its production capacity.


Thus, in addition to Serbia, the company entered into business with dealers in the largest countries of the European Union, the CIS countries, and the countries of the Middle East and Africa.


For a long time, Digitel specialized only in producing sockets for office furniture but recently began to make sockets for home furniture, offering a wide range of models in this segment. As a result, the company faced an urgent need to automate internal processes for customer relationship management, sales, and product line production planning.


The company conducted a market study of the available automation solutions and integrators. Digitel has had a long-term successful partnership with Docus, a local IT integrator. Docus has the status of a 1C partner, and since 2020, it has been localizing the 1C:ERP into the Serbian language and adapting the product to the local legislation and specifics of the local market. The IT integrator presented this solution to Digitel, giving decent attention to the product’s benefits. Having secured the support of 1C Company, Docus offered Digitel to do the pilot implementation of 1C:ERP Serbian Edition, which at that time already contained a Serbian interface and the functionality for VAT accounting. More to it, the integrator promised to release the final version of the product before the implementation project was complete. And Digitel management accepted this offer.


The implementation project lasted a little over one year. During the implementation process, the Docus team, together with the international ERP development team of 1C Company, successfully deployed standard modules for CRM, sales, production planning, and financial accounting. Also, they kept their promise and implemented all the critical changes in the functionality to comply with the local business requirements. Throughout the project, 1C Company provided priority support for many technical and methodology issues. During the implementation process, the team discovered several opportunities and proposed some improvements that have been added to the standard international version. As a result of the completed project, Digitel increased production performance, reached many more clients, brought communication with partners to a new level, and reduced the time for collecting management and financial data.


The management of Digitel and DOCUS describe their successful experience as follows:

Dejan Savić, General Manager at Digitel, said, “Based on what we have seen so far, 1C ERP is an advanced solution indeed. And it can meet even much greater demands in the future compared to what we have today. Now we can manage the sale process from a sale opportunity to the payment, monitor costs and P&L, and plan both the production schedule and cash flow.”

Ivan Radojevic, General Manager at Docus, said, “It was a challenging but valuable experience for our team. Our project managers now better understand the specifics of implementation, the analysts have a deeper understanding of the business solutions embedded in the product, and our developers learned to work with the 1C:Enterprise code and quickly customize the product to customer needs.”

In the future, Digitel’s management intends to implement and utilize other functional units and modules of 1C:ERP WE, and they are also considering implementing the 1C:Analytics BI system.

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