Platform's Improved Performance in Version 8.3.23

1C Developer team

17.04.2023 4 min

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With every passing day, the number of large-scale 1C:Enterprise projects is increasing. We see a lot of deployments serving thousands of users each. And it is true for both the corporate segment and cloud solutions. We work hard to meet the highest standards that these projects require, including a high performance on large databases with many users involved. Also, we aim to provide developers with tools to handle large configurations with comfort.

In version 8.3.23, we are intruding some improvements that speed up the platform in certain scenarios.

Quicker Population with Data on Initial Copying of Databases

When we use the mechanism of database copies, at the stage of initial database copy it retrieves data from the main database and puts it into a copy database. With large databases, it can take plenty of time. In version 8.3.23, this process has been accelerated substantially.

Background Preloading of Thin Clients over HTTP(S)

This improvement can substantially speed up the following scenario.

Assume there is an infobase published on a web server and it is set to update the workstation client application automatically. At that, most users access the infobase through a thin client that utilizes HTTP(S) protocol.

With the server's upgrade to a newer version of the 1C:Enterprise platform, all client applications automatically download the new version of the thin client from the server and install the update. As the process starts on all workstations simultaneously, it results in high loads on the network and the server, which consequently leads to significant waiting times for users.

Version 8.3.23 adds the ability to download and install a new version of a thin client on workstations before updating the platform on the server.

Then, the administrator publishes the thin client archives on the server and makes some additional settings (see the documentation for details).

After that, workstations that have the client application running will download its new version and install it.

When the server platform gets updated, user workstations will restart to the new version of the thin client, enabling users to continue using the client as usual.

This way, the downtime of user workstations due to updating the platform version on the server (and, as a result, updating the thin client on workstations) will be brief. Such an optimization can be extremely useful for large deployments with hundreds or thousands of users.

Infobase Verify and Repair on Servers Directly

In version 8.3.23, for systems running in client-server mode, the procedure for infobase verify and repair now runs directly on the server. With this, it has become possible to speed up the process because there is no more need to copy the data to a client computer.

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