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March 08, 2017

What's New


  • 1C:AccountingSuite now supports 1C:Enterprise platform versions 8.3.8 and later.
  • You can use new user interface features provided by 1C:Enterprise platform version 8.3.8, which is much faster, smoother, and provides better user experience than the previous one. All application windows and dialog boxes are adjusted for better viewing in the latest 1C:Enterprise versions.
  • You can use the new Export feature for one-click dumping of all AccountingSuite data to a set of spreadsheets packed into a single archive file.
  • You can use the new Import feature for initial filling of a database during database deployment.
  • New embedded audit log, both global-level and broken down by transactions. This includes the change history, filter criteria, custom date ranges, search for deleted entries, and users that made changes. Audit logs are available for no less than 7 years from the current date.
  • New Help Info button added to most of the available windows to provide you with the latest online help available. The Help Info also provides information about the Cloud version and its features.

What's Changed


  • The top menu (the sections panel) is simplified. Now it provides one-click access to each application module.
  • The Settings panel is reorganized into logical groups based on application modules. You can directly access Sales settings, Purchase settings, and so on.
  • The search feature is improved to be more user-friendly by fixing the performance issue where the screen would freeze if the search string was not completed quickly.


  • Lists are now available by default on the top menu (the sections panel) after Reports.
  • Classes, Salespersons, Price Levels, and Payment Methods are added to the Lists.
  • The columns displayed in Customer/Vendor Central can now be customized by adding or removing them based on your preference.
  • The Custom fields functionality is expanded to be used by any application module. This includes the item characteristics feature. You can define new custom fields for selected items or attach common custom fields that are enabled for all available lists.


  • Added sorting the General Journal by document type.
  • Added customization of all available lists. You can now choose columns to show/hide in lists.
  • Added the Print button to all print preview screens.
  • Extended the Inventory module with Negative Balance feature. The feature lets you calculate item cost in cases where the item quantity balance was temporarily negative due to some reasons.
  • Improved Sales Orders so that backordered quantities are now shown by default. Enabled Sales Invoices and Packing Lists to show backordered quantities. You can switch backordering status indicators on or off for each document type.
  • Added Prepayment balance column for Sales Orders and Purchase Orders lists.
  • A link to show Bill, Bill Payment, and Prepayment transactions has been added to the Purchase Order document.
  • Improved the Bill Payment part of the Bill workflow where previously users had to manually select the previously selected Bill for calculations.
  • Bills can now be created from Purchase Orders rather than the Item Receipts only.
  • Improved print forms for Check (Bill Payment), Cash Receipt, and Statement documents to display negative amounts with a minus (no parentheses).
  • Added currency code to print forms for Sales Quotes, Credit Memos, and Purchase Returns.
  • The Void Check functionality now includes a noticeable warning to prevent mistakes in data entry.
  • Updated Sales Order, Shipment, and Sales Invoice documents, and their print forms by renaming the "Carrier" and "Ship via" fields to "Delivery method".
  • The Item Receipt, Shipment, and Inventory documents are extended with the updated Serial Numbers feature. New Serial Numbers provide more flexibility and have more user-friendly input and selection.
  • Updated the Sales Invoice print form to show correct balances when the Invoice is in "Draft" or "Pending" state.
  • Prepayment for Purchase Orders now allows multiple prepayments. The Purchase Order print form displays a Prepayments balance.
  • The Purchase Order screen is improved with the order of items under the "Generate" button changed to: Prepayment, Item Receipt, and Bill.
  • Updated Cash Receipts with the option to center footer content.
  • Improved the notification displayed in Cash Receipts when credits have non-matching A/R accounts.
  • Improved Item Receipts with a better notification when postings fail. The notification provides instructions on what to do.
  • Improved Bill Payments in the "Balance Due" column to display values as right-hand oriented as one option as well as display positive/negative values in an aligned column.
  • Improved Bank Reconciliations with several interface changes: moved some buttons, reworded button names, and reworded text and button navigation to be more user-friendly. Bank transactions are organized as "Cleared", "Uncleared", and "All" for easier viewing. Unapproved transactions are highlighted when opening up Bank Reconciliation.
  • Improved Bank Reconciliation error message to reference the relevant reconciliation number in the document list instead of a generic message.
  • Removed the ability to save a Bank Reconciliation as a draft, also removed the delete option from the menu. Bank Reconciliations are now protected from duplication.
  • Improved the process of copying Warehouse Transfers, now it includes auto completion of the warehouse transfer number.
  • The default width of item quantity columns has been increased to fit a higher number of digits.
  • Improved Memo Tab labels in documents to be more user-friendly and clear on what is visible to application users and what is shown publicly. Added helpful input hints and a tooltip to clarify who can see external and internal notes.


  • Expanded A/R and A/P aging reports by adding report filters by Customer and Vendor responsively. Added the customization of report title, header, and footer to A/R and A/P aging reports. New user-friendly report settings are available in A/R and A/P aging reports.
  • Simplified the matching of Credit Memos against their original invoices. When you create a Credit Memo from a Sales Invoice, the Credit Memo is automatically applied to the Sales invoice using an attached Cash Receipt. Credit Memos are displayed in aging reports ordered by their transaction date.
  • New filtering feature for Income Statement reports (both accrual and cash basis): they can be run on the Customer/Vendor basis and also on Class/Project basis.

Bug Fixes


  • The email address discussed in topic Own email-address (Settings) is removed from the Settings page due to a limitation of the 1C-DN version, but it is still available in the Cloud version.
  • The NSS Secure Connection object used in Internet connection features discussed in topic NSSSecureConnection problem with 8.3.8 is removed from AccountingSuite due to 1C:Enterprise 8.3.8 compatibility reasons.


  • Fixed an issue where item card cost did not match the price precision decimals (the cost is supposed to include 2 decimals).


  • Fixed an issue in Sales Orders where generating a new document based on a Sales Quote might produce an error message describing missing Avatax settings.
  • Fixed an issue in Sales Orders where a discount that was specified manually was incorrectly applied to the total amount due.
  • Fixed an issue where a discount defined as a percentage was displayed as a positive amount and subsequently, the discount amount was added to the total rather than deducted from the total.
  • Fixed an issue in the Sales Invoice & Sales Order documents where the discount amount was not updated upon changing line items.
  • Fixed an issue where editing the quantity in Sales Orders and Sales Quotes resulted in an error.
  • Fixed an issue where the Price field would be cleared after changing quantity in Sales Quotes.
  • Fixed an issue with printing Sales Orders that had empty Ship to or Bill to addresses.
  • Fixed an issue where a Prepayment created for a specific Sales Order did not reflect the prepayment in the Sales Invoice generated based on the original Sales Order.
  • Fixed an issue where the Sales Order print form did not reflect associated prepayments or displayed incorrect prepayment balance if two or more prepayments were applied.
  • Fixed an issue in Payments that allowed drafts to be saved with negative amounts.
  • Fixed a Check printing issue where the Balance Due column did not show the Balance Due when applicable.
  • Fixed an issue where printing Checks caused the lower stub to be printed too high, and fixed the alignment issue.
  • Fixed a formatting issue (missing space) between the first and last name of an addressee.
  • Fixed a formatting issue involving company names and addresses if there was no contact specified in Sales Invoices.
  • Fixed formatting issues with the footer when printing Sales Invoices.
  • Fixed a printing issue where website addresses were cut off.
  • Fixed an error when generating a Bill from a Purchase Order. Improved an error message by adding correct instructions in the scenario where default accounts were not present for some items when creating a Bill.
  • Fixed an issue where prepayment balances in Purchase Orders did not display any decimal values.
  • Fixed an issue in Item Receipts where the list did not behave normally when adding serial numbers after several numbers have already been added.
  • Fixed an editing issue in the Cash Receipts payment field.
  • Fixed an issue where editing a Cash Receipt document date caused incorrect update of the date-based discount and payment amount.
  • Fixed an error message displayed when Bill Payments were posted with deposit documents such as bounced checks.
  • Fixed an issue in Bank Transfers where an error message would appear when adding a new Bank Transfer document.
  • Fixed an issue in Bank Reconciliations where an error message would appear when deleting lines of a transaction that has already been cleared.
  • Fixed an error in Income Statements where the Net Income drill down displayed all accounts twice.
  • Fixed an issue in document print forms where footers contained images.

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