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24 May 2012

1C:Enterprise platform documentation update

1C Company released an updated documentation for the 1C:Enterprise platform (version 8.2.15).

14 May 2012

1C Company publishes a whitepaper on IFRS Implementation in 1C:Accounting Suite

1C:Accounting Suite fully supports International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) for business processes implemented in the system.

10 May 2012

200 COLIN’S shops in Turkey automated with the 1C:Retail solution powered by 1C:Enterprise

The retail management system has been implemented in 200 COLIN’S shops in Turkey.

28 April 2012

1C:DN Library enriched with new articles for 1C:Enterprise developers

1C Company publishes a number of new articles on 1C:Enterprise 8 architecture, standards and methodology.

02 April 2012

1C Company releases 1C:Small Business.

1C Company releases 1C:Small Business, an international business application for small enterprises.

27 February 2012

1C Company unveils 1C:Subsystems Library.

1C Company unveils 1C:Subsystems Library, a developer tool that facilitates creation of business applications based on 1C:Enterprise.

06 February 2012

1C Company released a new training version of 1C:Enterprise platform

1C Company released a new 1C: Enterprise 8 Platform Training Version.

26 January 2012

1C Company released a new version of 1C:Accounting Suite

1C Company released a new version of 1C:Accounting Suite, an accounting and inventory control application.

31 July 2011

1C Company released a training version of 1C:Enterprise Platform 8.2

1C offers a new training and developer version of 1C:Enterprise 8.2. Training version.

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