1C:Enterprise 8. Server MINI and with CORP-type licenses are available at 1C-DN.COM online store

1C:Enterprise 8 CORP. Server and licenses (products designed for large enterprises) and 1С:Enterprise 8. Server MINI for 5 concurrent users (a product that reduces automation costs for a small number of workstations) are available in the online store at 1C-DN.COM.

1C:Enterprise 8 CORP. Server provides the following additional features, compared to standard 64-bit servers:

  • Background database configuration update
  • Additional load balancing of cluster services and infobase connections across the working servers (by infobase, client application type, or background job)
  • Flexible cluster load balancing:
    • Safe memory consumption per call
    • Infobases per process
    • Maximum working process memory to consider server performance sufficient
    • Maximum memory in working processes
    • Balancing strategies (by memory usage or by performance)
  • External session management
  • Security profiles
  • Thin client update from server
  • Publishing infobase list and thin client updates over HTTP

Only partners with status 1C:Solution Partner or higher are allowed to distribute the CORP server and its client licenses. The partners are required to ensure sufficient performance of enterprise-wide information systems with a large number of concurrent users that share information and hardware resources.

In addition to that, deployment engineers that install 1C:Enterprise 8 CORP-based information systems are required to possess deep knowledge of both applications that serve as basis for those information systems and the business areas being automated.

1С:Enterprise 8. Server MINI for 5 concurrent users is a 1C:Enterprise 8 server that supports a maximum of 5 user sessions in 1C:Enterprise mode and 1 user session in Designer mode (making it a total of 6 connections, each connection requires a client license). The server cluster can be limited to a single working server. Both 32-bit and 64-bit 1C:Enterprise 8 servers are supported.

The product is targeted both to SMB and large multi-branch enterprises. It significantly reduces automation costs for a small number of workstations. This product makes client/server 1C:Enterprise deployments more affordable for small workgroup automation and provides an alternative to file infobase deployments. The client/server architecture, in turn, increases the scope and efficiency of data processing, reliability, fault tolerance, and the range of supported architecture solutions and technologies.

Client 1C:Enterprise 8 licenses are not included and can be purchased separately. 1C:Enterprise 8. Server MINI for 5 concurrent users supports any number of workstation licenses, as long as no more than 6 users work with it simultaneously.

You can upgrade 1С:Enterprise 8. Server MINI for 5 concurrent users to 1C:Enterprise 8. Server license (x86-64) or 1C:Enterprise 8 CORP. Server license (x86-64).