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Restrictions on importing configurations from XML files

This feature is implemented in 1C:Enterprise version

The configuration support mechanism and the configuration repository mechanism imply that configuration changes are made according to certain rules. Compliance with these rules ensures that the configuration will work properly in the future.

The mechanism for saving configurations to .cf files and loading them from .cf files takes into account the necessity to comply with these rules. If you saved the configuration and changed it in another infobase, you may not always be able to "just" load it back into the original infobase. In some situations, the platform will ask you to unlock objects of the original configuration if it is supported or bound to a repository.

When you deal with a .cf configuration file, you should change it using the means of 1С:Enterprise. But, as you know, the platform has another mechanism that allows you to make configuration changes without using the platform. This is the mechanism for dumping configurations to XML files and restoring configurations from XML files.