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Processing and formatting data of dynamic list

This feature is implemented in 1C:Enterprise version

As you know, a dynamic list is convenient and useful for quickly displaying large lists. It is quite flexible, allows you to modify its query, and even create your own complex query. Thanks to this, you have the ability to display in the list different additional data associated with the master list data.

This versatility, however, has a downside. The desire to show “everything at once” may make your query much more complex. As a result, you'll get inefficient query plans and, subsequently, a decrease in performance when displaying and scrolling through the list.

In addition, there are a number of application tasks, whose algorithm of selection and formatting of the list data is quite complex. In these cases, there are not enough features for ad hoc queries and conditional formatting. We would like to have a more “flexible” and “precise” tool that would let us do “anything” and “only where needed”.