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Incremental export of configurations to XML files

This feature is implemented in 1C:Enterprise version

We continue to develop the mechanism for export/import of configurations to/from XML files. In one of the previous versions of 1C:Enterprise, we implemented partial import of configurations from XML files. Now we have completed the reverse operation – partial (incremental) export of configurations.

As a result of these two changes, group development of large configurations should become easier and faster.


Eclipse as a technological platform for 1C:Enterprise Development Tools

Eclipse probably needs no introductions. Many software developers learned about Eclipse when they started using Eclipse Java development tools (JDT), a popular open-source Java IDE. When they say "Eclipse", they often mean the Java IDE. However, Eclipse is much more than that. It is an extensible platform for development tool integration (Eclipse Platform) and a whole range of IDEs based on that platform (including JDT). It is also the Eclipse Project, a top-level project that embodies the development of both Eclipse Platform and JDT, and the Eclipse SDK, the result of that development. Finally, Eclipse is an open-source foundation featuring a variety of projects, some of them are not even written in Java or related to development tools (for example, Eclipse IoT and Eclipse Science). The world of Eclipse is extensive and diversified.

This article aims to provide an introductory architectural overview of the Eclipse Platform and the other Eclipse components that form the foundation of 1C:Enterprise Development Tools (the new Designer). Of course we cannot go deep into details because the article is intended not only for Eclipse developers. However, we hope it could offer something of interest even for the more experienced Eclipse developers. For example, it unveils one of the "Eclipse secrets", a relatively new and not yet well-known project Eclipse Handly initiated and maintained by 1C Company.