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Customizing 1C:Enterprise applications

The demand for software customization (modification for specific user needs) is as old as the first invented software. It is virtually impossible to write an application that suits the specific needs of all users. Thus, adding the option to customize an application without developer assistance is an idea whose time has come. And it shines in business applications because business processes can significantly differ even in enterprises that belong within the same field of business.


Customization of source code

There are several customization strategies. If an application is delivered with its source code, the most obvious solution is editing the code. However, this can significantly impact future updates because merging the altered application with its new version obtained from a vendor can often be difficult, especially if the application is heavily customized.



What do you know about 1C?

This is an article for those who are not yet familiar with 1C software products. It describes the capabilities of the 1C technological platform and where this platform fits in among similar software products.


What does 1C produce?

I think the first thing the general public associates with us is the popular game series IL-2 Sturmovik. However, the 1C product range extends far beyond this series.