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User notification mechanism and notification center

This feature is implemented in 1C:Enterprise version

We have improved the user notification mechanism. From now on, it’s convenient to use in both thin client and web client. We have changed the way the notifications look and added some new features.

Displaying several notifications at a time

In the old version, the screen would display only one notification at a time. New notifications would overlap older ones, meaning that if a user received several notifications in a row, he or she was likely to miss an earlier notification.

Now up to three notifications can be displayed at the same time.



Considerations on 1C:Enterprise web client

One of the nice things about 1C:Enterprise is that you can run an application developed using the "managed forms" technology not only in the thin client for Windows, Linux, or MacOS X, but also in the web client that supports 5 browsers, including Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, and Edge. And you don’t even need to change anything in the application source code!

Moreover, the application has almost the same look and feel in both clients. Try and see if you can find a few differences: