Administration of users and access rights

User sessions

Available in versions 1.0 (as User session termination), 2.0, and 2.2.
The subsystem offers functionality for closing all active connections to the Infobase and denying new connections for a specified period of time. This functionality facilitates Infobase administration.

In the client/server mode, the subsystem also provides functionality for terminating selected connections.


Available in versions 1.0, 2.0, and 2.2.

The subsystem offers the following functionality:

  • Viewing and editing the lists of Infobase users and external users.
  • Determining the current user and the current external user on system startup.
  • Viewing and editing user names, passwords, interface languages, and other attributes of users and external users.
  • Linking external users to Infobase objects.

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