Subsystem dependencies

The following table describes subsystem dependencies. When you include a subsystem in your application, also include all of the subsystems it depends on and three mandatory subsystems:
  • Base functionality
  • Users
  • Infobase version update


      Depends on

      Access management (***)


      Additional reports and data processors (***)


      Address classifier

      Contact information (*)

      Get files from the Internet

      Attached files

      File functions

      Calendar schedules



      Contact information (*)

      Contact information

      Address classifier (*)

      Item order setup

      Currencies (***)

      Get files from the Internet

      Data exchange (***, ****)

      Email operations

      Get files from the Internet (*)

      Object prefixation (*)

      Scheduled jobs (*)

      Dynamic configuration update control


      Email operations


      File functions (** , ***)


      Full-text search


      Get files from the Internet


      Item order setup


      Legitimate software check


      Object attribute edit prohibition 


      Object prefixation 


      Object versioning



      Performance monitor



      Email operations

      Attached files (*)

      Additional reports and data processors (*)


      Object attribute edit prohibition

      Scheduled jobs


      User sessions


      Work schedules

      Calendars schedules

      * It is not a strict dependency. You can include the subsystem in your application without including the subsystem it depends on (provided that you configure the included subsystem properly).

      ** The File functions subsystem cannot be included in an application independently. Always include it together with the Attached files subsystem.

      *** If your application is designed to run in SaaS mode, when you include a subsystem, also include a matching subsystem with SaaS postfix. Example: if you include the Currencies subsystem, also include the Currencies SaaS subsystem.

      **** The Data exchange subsystem is mandatory for applications that feature data exchange in a distributed infobase.