1C:Small Business offers the following advantages to your company’s decision makers:

  • Noticeable benefit to your company within just days to weeks of being implemented.
    1C:Small Business is a complete solution with "quick-start" capability. And should your company’s scale or structure, management processes, or company workflow change, the application can be reconfigured quickly and inexpensively to reflect these changes.

  • No more clutter from having to store dozens of spreadsheets, documents, and reports.
    All your data is now registered and stored in a single database. All your customers, prices, discounts, orders, agreements, and contracts are recorded for easy access and reference.

  • One-click access to the data you need to make decisions.
    • cash flow,
    • payment calendar,
    • profits and losses,
    • accounts payable and accounts receivable,
    • order statuses,
    • sales analyses and dynamics,
    • work plans and resource allocation,
    • and other management reports.

  • Everything at your fingertips and under control.
    Quick recording of your company’s production plans, shipments and deliveries, resource allocations, worksheets, and job orders streamlines how all activities are monitored and supervised.

  • Flexible planning.
    1C:Small Business has it all: budget planning, HR planning, resource allocation, sales forecasts, and much more to help your business thrive.

  • Increased employee and management efficiency.
    The automation of routine tasks and quick access to the data that employees need save precious time. The ergonomic, user-friendly interface offers an easy learning curve for beginners and increased work efficiency for more experienced users.

  • You’ve already got all you need to know.
    You don’t need to be a specialist in payment and taxes accounting to use our solution. The application is free of redundant functionality and offers only the essentials you need to run your small business.

  • Worldwide access.
    Wherever you are, you’ll have complete online access to all your company’s information.
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