1C:Small Business provides complete automation of sales processes for a variety of sale scenarios: sales from stock, sales to order, sales on credit, prepaid sales, sales of goods on commission, and retail sales.

Sales registration

The customer order document stores the list of goods, shipment dates, and prices. The document status, such as "Open" or "Completed", indicates the order status.

Managers can quickly obtain information on customer orders, completed and planned shipments, overdue orders, and so on.

1C:Small Business generates the entire set of documents required to close a sale, such as sales invoices and receipts.

Sales planning

1C:Small Business facilitates the creation of sales plans of any size, from the sales plan of the entire company to that of a specific department, manager, or item.

Plans can be based on either the number of items to be sold or the expected revenues. 1C:Small Business allows individual plans to be merged into a single complete plan.

A variety of analysis tools for tracking sales and monitoring compliance with sales plans are available. They include filters by employee, item group, or specific item.

Retail sales

1C:Small Business supports quantitative and currency accounting. It can generate the following reports:

  • sales report,
  • accrual accounting in retail,
  • cash in cash registers.

It can also support the following peripheral equipment:

  • bar code scanner,
  • fiscal data recorders,
  • data terminals,
  • buyer information display,
  • magnetic card reader,
  • electronic scales,
  • acquiring terminals.
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