1C:Enterprise Mobile Developer Course

About This Course

  • After completing the course, you will be able to:
  • Install web servers (Apache and IIS) and configure secure HTTPS connections
  • Install the software to compile the platform’s mobile applications for Windows, Android, and iOS
  • Utilize all the features of the 1C mobile platform including local notifications, calendars, template pictures, photo and video recording, etc.
  • Go beyond the standard functionality of the 1C mobile platform
  • Set up HTTP services and deploy websites on their basis, for example, to check balances, prices
  • Use Android OS with higher efficiency. For example, implement voice input in 1С applications with ease
  • Use different methods of handling web resources (POST, GET, etc.)
  • Debug mobile applications via HTTP.

Course Outline:
  • Module 1 Mobile Platform Installation
  • Module 2 Mobile Application Builder
  • Module 3 Mobile Platform Multimedia
  • Module 4 Android Multimedia
  • Module 5 Additional Functionality
  • Module 6 Mobile Applications Debugging and the Collaboration System
  • Practice task: Elderly People Monitoring  

We recommend that you complete the 1C:Enterprise Development Basics. Junior Course before taking this one.

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