English for 1C Developers

The integrated course English for 1C developers consists of six Business English sections and eight 1C-specific sections—64 individual online lessons with a teacher. The educational materials have been developed for IT specialists with the intermediate English level. After each lesson you get a homework to consolidate what you have learned. You will be spending about one hour on your homework.

Technical English

  • Master the vocabulary, grammar, and style used for writing technical texts.
  • Learn how to simply and clearly explain technical concepts in writing without cumbersome expressions typical for the Russian language.
  • Start developing and distributing 1C:Enterprise applications in English, even if your team lacks a technical writer.
  • Learn English punctuation, which in many aspects differs from the Russian one.

User Interface

  • Master the rules of naming the UI elements of 1C:Enterprise applications in English.
  • Improve the error notifications readability for the English-speaking end users.
  • Learn the rules of writing interface texts in English, often neglected by the Russian 1C developers.

Code and Documentation

  • Master the advance naming of objects, methods, and variables in the English version of the 1C:Enterprise language.
  • Write smart English comments to your code.
  • Learn how to create neat and clear English guidelines for 1C:Enterprise users and developers.

Business English

  • Improve your business communication skills, with the focus on speaking and business writing.
  • Learn to hold presentations and participate in project meetings with your international partners.
  • Speak your client's language by using the right words and being familiar with the business process.

How does the course work?

English for 1C developers includes individual lessons with a teacher using Vimbox platform that features all sorts of interactive tasks, automatic answer checking tool, and interactive dictionary. All materials at hand: audio, video, texts and tests.

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