• Enumeration

    • An applied object intended to store value sets that are independent from the applied solution point of view

  • Event

    • Known beforehand situation that takes place in the process of application operation

  • Event handler

    • A 1C:Enterprise script procedure that is executed when events of configuration objects take place

  • Exchange plan

    • An applied object that is used in data exchange scenarios

  • External connection

    • A method of connecting to an infobase in order to access 1C:Enterprise data for external applications, which uses the COM technology

  • External connection module

    • A module that contains event handling procedures executed on application startup and on exit from the application in the external connection mode

  • External data processor

    • A data processor that is not a part of the configuration

  • External report

    • A report that is not a part of the configuration

  • Extra dimension type

    • An account characteristic used in analytical accounting

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