• Managed application mode

    • A mode where managed command interface and managed forms are used for working with the applied solution

  • Managed application module

    • A module that contains event handling procedures executed on application startup and on exit from the application in the managed mode

  • Mobile application

    • An applied solution that runs with the mobile platform on a mobile device

  • Mobile Application Wizard

    • An external data processor intended to build a mobile application

  • Mobile device

    • A smartphone or a tablet computer running iOS2 or Android operating system

  • Mobile platform

    • The mobile application execution environment

  • Mobile platform for developers

    • A mobile platform version used for the development, debugging, and testing of mobile applications

  • Mobile platform for end-users

    • A mobile platform version used for building mobile applications

  • MobileAppWizard.epf

    • The file name of the Mobile Application Wizard external data processor

  • Module

    • A part of configuration intended to store 1C:Enterprise script listings

  • Module context

    • The assortment of 1C:Enterprise script objects, variables, properties, and methods available within a module

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