• Scheduled job

    • An applied object that is intended for scheduled execution of 1C:Enterprise script procedures

  • Sections panel

    • A standard element of the applied solution command interface which displays a high-level application structure and allows switching between application sections

  • Server cluster

    • A fundamental platform component that ensures interaction between users and the database management system in the client/server mode

  • Session module

    • A module that contains the handler of the session parameter setting event

  • Settings (of data composition system)

    • A part of the data composition system which describes the report layout and specifies the list of data that is retrieved according to a data composition schema

  • Settings storage

    • A configuration object intended for creating custom settings storage functionalities in cases when standard functionalities do not suffice

  • Standard attribute

    • A configuration object attribute created by the platform

  • Subsystem

    • A configuration object that is used for building the command interface of the applied solution

  • Syntax Assistant

    • A development assistance tool which provides quick help on 1C programming language syntax during the creation of the programming code

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