• Real-time posting

    • Posting a document in real time, at the moment when a business event occurs

  • Recalculation

    • A part of a calculation register intended to monitor which records are no longer valid due to "displacement by base period" and "displacement by action period" rules

  • Record form

    • A form intended to display and edit register data

  • Record key

    • A set of record fields that is used to ensure the uniqueness of register records

  • Record user action log mode

    • A client application mode that allows writing to the user action log

  • Recorder

    • A document that is the owner of register records

  • Register

    • This term can mean one of the following: accounting register, accumulation register, calculation register, or information register

  • Register records

    • An element of register data. It is a set of fields with their values

  • Registration period

    • A date that defines which period the calculation type record belongs to

  • Regular posting

    • Posting a document to register the accounting changes that occurred in the past

  • Report

    • An applied object that is intended to display, view, and print data in a user-friendly format

  • Resource (of data composition schema)

    • A field whose value is calculated by a user-defined function during report generation

  • Resource (of information register)

    • A field whose value is used for calculating register totals

  • Role

    • An applied object intended for describing the set of allowed actions (rights)

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