• Tabular section

    • A part of many applied objects intended to store data that has the same structure for each element of the applied object, but the amount of data varies between elements

  • Task

    • An applied object intended for storing user assignments

  • Technological log

    • A log intended for analysis of technological problems and abnormal terminations of the system

  • Template

    • A configuration object intended to store various forms of data presentation

  • Test

    • A program written in 1C:Enterprise script that describes interactive actions performed by the test client

  • Test client

    • A client application that emulates interactive user actions included in the test

  • Test manager

    • A client application that is started for performing a test or for managing the user action log

  • Thick client

    • A client application that can run both in 1C:Enterprise mode and in Designer mode

  • Thin client

    • A client application that supports connections to infobases both in the local network and over the Internet

  • Turnover register

    • An accumulation register that only accumulates resource changes (turnovers) and ignores resource balances

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