1C:Translator application designed for automation of translation, writing, and publishing of books, articles, help, translation of sites, and Java/C++ application interfaces, including initial data for SQL databases. It also supports translation of 1C:Enterprise application sources and interfaces.

General business functions are: translation of texts; translation quality assuarance and staff development; estimation of work amount and employee workload balancing; accounting of finished work and time expenditure; data storage and versioning with sharing of access rights; text writing; text publishing.

You can work with documentation using HTML, XML, Microsoft Word and text files in ANSI and UTF-8 encodings.

The 1C:Enterprise application translation, including interfaces, script sources, queries, templates, and forms, utilizes the new configuration files export as XML that is implemented in 1C:Enterprise 8.3.2.

The application is based on 1C:Subsystems Library and have tools to manage users, terminate their sessions, view event log, delete marked objects, infobase update and others.

The application interface supports both English and Russian languages.

To use with this application, you need to have 1C:Enterprise 8 platform installed.