Scheduled jobs




Refreshes the the list of scheduled and background jobs.


Opens a form for creating a new scheduled job.


Opens a form for editing a scheduled job.


Opens a form for creating a new scheduled job filled with values from the copied scheduled job.


Deletes a selected scheduled job in list, except for predefined scheduled jobs.


Opens a form for editing a schedule of a scheduled job.

Execute now

Executes a procedure of a scheduled job in the current session (for file mode) or in a background job on server (for client/server mode). When a procedure is executed in a background job on server, the last execution date, that is used for execution by a schedule, for scheduled job is not changed.

Scheduled job execution setup

For file mode only. Opens a form with scheduled job execution settings.

Open separate session for scheduled job execution

For file mode only. Opens a separate session for execution of scheduled jobs. The session is opened with options that allow it to process background jobs and when the current session is closed, this separate session will be closed automatically too.