Team & access

  • Users - opens the list of users. For application users there are roles Project manager, Editor, Employee, and Freelancer, the system administrator is created automatically during the initial filling when the application started started first time.

  • Responsible for the project - the user which is delegated to manage the entire the project. Other users subordinate to this user.

  • Project team managers and employees - the list of users who have an access to the project and their subordination structure.

    • Employee - the user that performs the translation.

    • Manager - the user that supervises the translation, performs the proofreading, approves the translation changes and performs translation replacements.

    • Productivity - an average productivity of the employee comparing to the normal, which is agreed to be 1. For example, when the normal productivity is 12000 normalized characters per day, if the employee translates 13200 characters, the productivity of that employee will be 1.1.

    • Price per page - the price of a single page of normalized characters. For example, price of translation of 1800 characters with spaces. Depending on the automation level, different types of texts have different translation complexity. If you multiply the text length by the text complexity coefficient, you will have the text length in normalized characters.