Translating a dictionary

The primary dictionary contains elementary names from the configuration objects naming paradigm, as well as names derived from them. Translation order is determined by word length (shorter words are translated first).

This guarantees that the translation of compound words is based on the translation of their parts. For example, if the "Items" word is already translated, it is used during the translation of "ItemsInWarehouses". If some words or their parts are not found in the terminology dictionaries, they are translated with the help of the translation web service.

To move to the next dictionary entry that requires translation and translate it automatically, set the order in the list form of the dictionary to Length and then use the Translate next command (Ctrl + Space).

Note that automatically translated items require manual verification.

If the order is determined by another criterion, choose strings without translation and then use the Translate next command (Ctrl + Space). However, it should be noted that this algorithm is slower than the one when translation order is determined by length.