• Export options - the list of project export options that will be available in the Text export/publication data processor.

    • Export option - settings of export or publication.

    • Assemble by HTML headers - if this check box is selected, when texts of HTML and Word type are exported, they are assembled into a single file in the order, specified in the Order field of project texts.

    • Main condition name - the name of text part, corresponding to the current export option. During export, parts of text corresponding to other export options of current project are deleted from content of exported texts, and text parts corresponding to the current export option are kept. This allows to use this application as a single source and configure which targets receive which parts of texts.

    • Publication web service definitions URL - the URL of the publication web service WSDL description.

    • Default export directory - the file system directory that should be used by default in the Export directory field of the Text export/publication data processor.

  • Download publication web service - download files of an example web service for text publication directly on site managed by Bitrix CMS.