Marked object deletion

The deletion of marked objects is allowed to users with administrative rights. The deletion is executed with verification of the infobase integrity. This means that if there are references from other objects to the one that is going to be deleted, the deletion will not be executed. But please notice, that the deletion of marked objects is irreversible.

The deletion of marked objects can be performed with two ways:

  • Automatically delete all marked objects - trying to automatically delete all objects that were marked for deletion.
  • Delete selected objects - this mode allows to select whic of marked objects to delelete.

When the deletion is finished, the list of objects that could not be deleted due to keep the infobase integrity is opened. Objects in this list are grouped by type and for each object the objects that prevent its deletion are listed.

You can edit objects that prevent deletion of the selected object to remove the reference. After that you can repeat the deletion of marked objects.