Text export

The data processor is designed for text export into files.

The list of form items:

  • Export as files - exports texts with Export check box selected in the list.

  • Export directory - the directory on the disk where files will be created.

  • Project - the project of exported texts.

  • Export - defines what will be exported.

    • Translation - files are imported into translation fields, the texts are searched by the translation file name.

    • Original text - files are imported into original text fields, the texts are searched by the original text file name.

  • Export non picture files - if this check box selected, all related to the text files are exported as files. Otherwise only image files are exported as files. The default value is taken from the Export and import non picture files value in project options.
  • Assemble HTML by main text - if this check box selected, texts of HTML type having the same Main text are assembled in order set in their Order considering the folder hierarchy. The default value is taken from the Split and assemble HTML by headers value in project options.
  • The list of texts contains texts selected when the data processor was opened.