Translating books and articles

Texts are to be saved in the HTML format. If you use Microsoft Word, save files as Web page with filter.

To import a text list to the Create menu, choose the Import several files into current folder command and select the saved files. Images will be imported along with texts to the destination determined in the HTML source code.

When HTML documents are saved from Microsoft Word, the text is overloaded with extra formatting tags. To remove extra tags, you can use the Clear HTML tags command. Use the command to avoid errors caused by editor change and HTML source code changes provoked by style changes.

To divide large texts, books, for example, into smaller and more convenient parts, use the Split and assemble HTML by headers setting. The HTML tags clearing check box can also be selected.

Translation planning and text distribution are described in the Collaboration section.

Dictionary creation and text translation are described in the Working with general features section.

You can publish texts that have the Ready state to a website by using a web service. The application includes an example of publishing web service, implemented as a component of Bitrix CMS.

It specifies the location of the web service and its ID. When the web service is set up, use the Publish on site and add the published state command in the text list and in the text editor form.