The catalog is intended to maintain the list of system’s users. Usually catalog elements are connected to appropriate users of informational base. With the command Infobase users system administrator can make the analysis of appropriateness of catalog Users elements and Informational base users.

List of users may be grouped, for example, according to divisions of the company, where the users work. To make this it’s necessary to create the required quantity users groups and add the users. To add to the group a large number of users you should use command Fill. One user may be the part of different groups at the same time.

The list of groups is hierarchical, the users of subsidiary group implicitly belong to all the parental groups. To see all the users of subsidiary groups, it’s necessary to set flag Show users of subsidiary groups in the bottom of the list.

 User without administrative rights has access only to information about him. He also has rights to change some features, such as: name, password, language of system and contact information.

Here are recommendations how to create password.

Good password should contain
- not less than eight symbols,
- capital letters
- small letters,
- figures,
- symbols (underlining, brackets, etc.)
Good password should be a poorly understood expression.

Examples of good passwords:

It is undesirable that a password is the same as the username, consist
only of the figures, contain clear words, contain alternating
groups of symbols.

Examples of bad passwords: