The dictionary form (the form of dictionary entry group) allows to perform group actions on dictionary entries.

The list of form items:

  • Dictionary entries - open the list of dictionary entries.

  • Import and export

    • Import XML - imports dictionary entries from the selected file in XML format. You can find the file format when export dictionary entries using the Export translated as XML command. 

    • Import interface texts (MXL) - imports interface texts that are exported from configuration of 1C:Enterprise application using Designer mode. Language codes of languages used in the dictionary project should match language codes of the configuration.

    • Export translated as XML - exports translated dictionary entries as XML file.

    • Export all as interface texts (MXL) - exports all dictionary entries as MXL file in 1C:Enterprise interface texts format.

    • Edit as table - opens the edit dictionary as spreadsheet document data processor. This data processor allows to export and import dictionary entries as well as checking before import, which dictionary entries already present in the dictionary.

  • Recalculate character count in folder - recalculates values in Not translated characters and Total characters fields. If dictionary entries were moved, added or deleted, those values can become inconsistent.
  • Clear dictionary - irreversible deletes all dictionary entries from the dictionary. 
  • Original text - the dictionary name on the source language.
  • Translation - the dictionary name on the target language.
  • Parent - the folder where the dictionary is placed.
  • Not translated characters - the number of characters in original texts of not translated dictionary entries.
  • Total characters - the number of characters in original texts of all dictionary entries.
  • Comment - comments regarding usage of this dictionary.
  • Projects - the list of projects where this dictionary is used.